Fidel API release notes
Fidel API release notes

🧪We've added demo data to new test accounts👤





Creating your first test Transaction in the Fidel Dashboard just became easier. All new Fidel accounts now come with all the test data setup you need to create a transaction:

  • A "Demo Program"
  • A "Simple Coffee" Brand
  • 3 UK Locations
  • 1 Visa Card registered
  • 1 Auth Transaction

The "Demo Program" also comes with the new Program properties we added:

  • icon - Emoji to associate with the Program. Uses the :emoji-name: format. Accepts between 4 and 200 characters. The demo data is :wave: 👋.
  • iconBackground - Background color for the program icon. Accepts a HEX CSS string, like #333333. The demo data is #fedcd7.