Fidel API release notes
Fidel API release notes

📢 New: Add Amex SE Numbers

You can now add an Amex Service Establishment (SE) Number directly to a location via the Fidel API dashboard or the API. Fidel API customers already had the ability to add Merchant IDs for Visa and MasterCard, and this update will enable them to do the same for American Express. 🚀

SE Numbers are used to identify a merchant accepting American Express cards. Adding SE numbers during the location creation process helps to streamline and speed up the onboarding process. Fidel API customers can also use Amex SE Numbers to enhance location accuracy and support an even more reliable dataset.

Merchants can locate American Express SE Numbers on Amex invoices or on the merchant copy of the receipt.

See how it works in this short clip:

Amex SearchBy.gif

You can find the complete documentation at and